Terms & Conditions


Acceptance of this document implies that the user has read, understood and understands what is stated here; who is a person with sufficient capacity to hire and who assumes all the obligations established in this document.

These conditions will be applicable to contracts made through the website www.cclean.app and its subdomains, owned by CLEAN LAUNDRY SOLUTIONS S.L. The provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify these General Conditions, without affecting the services or promotions that were provided prior to the modification. It is the user's responsibility to periodically read the conditions of this website. The provider of the services contracted by the user is CLEAN LAUNDRY SOLUTIONS S.L., domiciled at C / Príncep Jordi nº10, CP 08014-Barcelona NIF: B-02956621

The user, registered on the website through an email, over which he has full responsibility for use and custody, is responsible for the veracity of the personal data provided to the provider.




The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual relationship born between the provider and the user at the moment in which he accepts the terms and conditions, during the online contracting process. The contractual relationship entails the delivery, in exchange for a certain price and publicly exposed through the website, of a specific product or service.




When accessing the services offered by the provider, the user will create a user account that’s data will reach the email box with which the service has been requested. For this, the user must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data that will be required. The user thus undertakes to make diligent use of the username and password generated, and not make them available to third parties, as well as to notify the provider of the loss or theft thereof or of the possible access by an unauthorized third party, in such a way so that it proceeds to the immediate blockage. It is reported that in accordance with the requirements of article 27 of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce, the contracting procedure is as follows.

Reservation and payment request directly on the webapp, login via email, subscription, selection of laundry and selected machine (washer or dryer). When ordering, the selected machine will be indicated. The customer pays in advance by entering his bank details with a bank card in the webapp. You can make the payment with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. To minimize the risk of unauthorized access, your card data will be encrypted. When paying the user will be confirming that the credit card is his. Credit cards are subject to checks and authorizations by the issuing entity. If the issuing entity does not authorize the payment, in no case will cClean be responsible for this point, and the service is not formalized.




In case of defective cleaning, the client may request a new cleaning by email by sending an email to info@cclean.app. All claims will have to be formalized immediately by email indicating exactly what happened and attaching photographic evidence of what happened. The subscription has no obligation to remain. The maximum period to process the withdrawal is 3 days before the end of the subscription month (this has a duration of 4 weeks, 28 days), you can request the withdrawal through our phone 933183018 or our email info @ cclean. app A withdrawal is not confirmed until the client receives the corresponding cancellation email.

In any case, the cClean team will inform the user, once the hiring procedure is finished, via email regarding all the features, price, date of hiring, selected machine and their corresponding locations of the contracted service. An order is not final until it is confirmed by cClean via email enabled.


5.     PRICES


The prices indicated include Value Added Tax (VAT) or other taxes that may be applicable and in any case will be expressed in the Euro (€) currency. Also, the prices include other additional services and annexes to the requested service. The applicable prices will be those published on the website and app, and automatically applied by the contracting process in the last phase of the same. Any payment made to the provider will be notified to the client by email, if the client wishes to have his invoice he can request it from invoice@cclean.app with a copy to info@cclean.app in the name of the registered user (email). For any information about the services offered by cClean, the user will have the email info@cclean.app.




The service can only be contracted through the webapp. The reservation will remain active for 10 min. During this period the user can cancel the reservation. cClean reserves the right to cancel reservations of a specific user if he systematically makes indiscriminate use of them.




In any case, the maximum period for claims is 48 working hours counting from the moment of the end of the laundry or drying. The claims of the users based on the request for compensation for the deterioration of a garment subject to the cleaning service can be resolved through the insurance contracted by cClean. The laundry will be responsible to the user in case of irreparable damage or deterioration of the garment caused by a failure of the machines. In no case does cClean take responsibility for the misuse of the machines or the incorrect washing / drying of a garment. To ensure correct use of the machines, the user must follow the washing label available on the garment. The checks will be carried out by means of a reliable internal method, analyzing the cycle chosen by the customer and comparing it with the washing instructions label available on the garment. In your case, the amount of the repair of a garment, will also be paid by cClean. In these cases the laundry will indemnify the user the value of the garment according to the invoice, discounting the following amounts as maximum wear values, referred to the date of the invoice.

- Less than one year → 20% of the invoice value

- From one year and one day to two years → 40% of the invoice value

- From two years and one day to three years → 70% of the invoice value

- More than three years and up to five → 75% of the invoice value

Once the compensation process has begun, the client has 10 working days to send to cClean all the documentation that he considers appropriate and that facilitates the process of appraisal of his garments, in order to be able to offer as compensation as adjusted as possible to the current value of the garment. In the absence of an invoice, the compensation will be equal to the amount of the valuation agreed between cClean and the customer. The indemnified pledge will be available to cClean. Similarly, designer or haute couture garments will be subject to expert appraisal. The amount will be borne by the laundry, in case it is attributable to a machine failure. Once the amount to be indemnified has been determined, an acceptance document will be sent to the client. The client will have 15 days to accept or reject this amount and, in this way, cClean can proceed to make the payment




The user undertakes not to make any improper use of this web page, such as the intentional introduction of viruses, Trojans, worms or any programs or software harmful and harmful to the cClean system, as well as attempts at unauthorized access to the server, equipment, devices and databases of cClean. Failure to comply with this stipulation may be accompanied by the declaration of criminal offenses typified by current legislation on the subject.




The data provided by the client are protected according to our privacy notice, published at https://pwa.cclean.app/politica-de-privacidad/




During the registration process, you agree to receive promotional emails from the www.cclean.app site and its subdomains. However, later, you can choose not to receive such promotional emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of any promotional email. The foregoing in accordance with the federal Consumer Protection Law, as well as the Agreement establishing the rules of operation and operation of the Public Registry of Consumers.




Any communication you send to the website www.cclean.app or its subdomains, including, but not limited to, declarations, criticisms, comments, suggestions will become our sole and exclusive property and will not be returned, unless there is a court order, also when you submit comments or criticisms of the site, you also grant us the right to use the name you send, within the framework of said review, comment, or any other content, finally, it should be mentioned that, you should not use an email address fake electronic, that is, pretending to be someone you are not. They will also be our property and will not be returned unless there is a court order, the data that subscribers send to the website www.cclean.app, to register various accounts in order to benefit from the promotions of new subscribers, these accounts will be Canceled and terminated immediately, any benefit or promotion that has been attempted to be redeemed will be canceled and the subscriber who has tried to obtain the benefit may be revoked from the license granted at the time of subscription, proceeding to cancel any request for products that I would have made, without any responsibility on our part.




These conditions will be governed or interpreted in accordance with Spanish law in what is not expressly established. The provider and the user agree to submit any dispute that may arise from the provision of the products or services subject to these Conditions, to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. In the event that the user is domiciled outside of Spain, the provider and the user expressly waive any other forum, submitting to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona.







Barcelona, 22 of June 2020